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With over  years of experience in International commodity  trading business & supply chain management , East West Fibers INC  is a leader in bulk  Commodities, Recyclables and Agro products around the world. Our head office is located in ATLANTA , United States and have served more than 500  customers   in three major continents. We deal in sourcing and marketing of a number of physical commodities including ferrous metal scrap, non-ferrous metal scrap, finished and semi finished steel, polymer, recovered fiber and pulps, and Agro products.

Most reliable company for International trading of Commodities , recyclables and Agro products  ,Reliability has been one of the key drivers of our growth ,We take great  care in Fulfilling ,Obligations ,  It is our principle that timely execution of Contracts,  Keeping the promise. & delivering our COMMITMENTS    satisfaction of both suppliers and buyers. &Conducting  business in a sublime Spirit of Justice tempered with Human Kindness in our ethical business practices , we Conduct business with Mutual Consultaion of Affairs for Welfare of Buyers and Sellers..We promise to maintain the HIGH STANDARDS  of our services and continue to offer them at competitive prices  and Full disclosure  of Quantities , Qualities of the Merchandize,. EASY GOING TRANSACTIONS,TO HAVE THE MOST SUBLIME OF ATTITUDES WE live by our values and demonstrate them through our conduct in all business transactions.With the support of our proactive strong  well-organized employee base department and expert knowledge and experience in bulk international trading of commodities, trade finance, resource industry, shipping and finance. As a global leader in international commodity  trading business, East West Fibers INC  has formed several strategic alliances with leading companies across the globe to fulfill customers requirements on a timely basis.

         Vision To be a premium International Company

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