Environmental Protection and Sustainability

As a company that supports holistic growth, East West Fibers INC has developed a system that is environmentally safe and protects all our valuable assets including our employees, clients, and other stakeholders. We pride in ourselves as being a responsible member of the environment by following sustainable trading practices while transporting commodities in bulk. We constantly ensure that all employees are satisfied and healthy and follow all industrial and international standards of safety, human rights, and labor.

Sustainability is rooted in our business structure

Through unconventional business models, our company incorporates sustainable trends to reduce climate change, boost water and energy efficiency, decrease water scarcity, promote the use of renewable energy, and support responsible urbanization. All our strategies strongly influence the growth of East West Fibers INC will continue to improve and extend our contribution towards protecting the environment.


At East West Fibers INC, we are committed to environmental protection in the following ways:

  1. Conserving natural resources, reducing environmental pollution, and recycling waste to decrease landfill by adhering to the regulations of the 3 R ( reduce, recycle, and reuse) policy.
  2. Implementing waste management strategies to reduce waste caused by our international trading processes.
  3. Spreading awareness about environmental safety and environmentally-friendly practices among our employees, strategic partners, and clients.

4. Applying energy-efficient methods at the workplace and all our processes

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